Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for the effective functioning of the AAATA Board of Directors and for the maintenance and development of the Board-Executive Director working relationship.  The Committee also manages and coordinates Board operations, including setting the agenda for each Board meeting based on the work of each committee.

Governance Committee Chair: Eric Mahler
Members: Mike Allemang, Gillian Ream Gainsley, Matt Carpenter (ex-officio)
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Performance Monitoring & External Relations (PMER) Committee

The Performance Monitoring/External Relations Committee is responsible for designing financial and operational performance reports, in close collaboration with the CEO and senior managers, for monitoring AAATA financial and operational performance, and for maintaining positive relationships with the general public and key stakeholders.

PMER Chair: Mike Allemang
Members: Mike Allemang, Jack Bernard, Eli Cooper, Prashanth Gururaja
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Planning & Development (PDC) Committee

The Planning and Development Committee is accountable for developing and leading the Board's participation in all AAATA planning, including annual budget preparation, and for overseeing the development of AAATA's financial resources.  PDC works closely with the CEO and senior managers.  All meetings are open to the public.

PDC Chair: Gillian Ream Gainsley
Members: Sue Gott, Larry Krieg, Stephen Wade
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