All buses are equipped to automatically announce major timepoint locations along every route. This means you will hear announcements of major locations while you travel. Buses are also equipped with visual displays that tell you the name of the route and its destination. Ride Guides and travel materials are available in alternative format upon request. For assistance in planning your trip on a bus, call TheRide at 734.996.0400.


Bus operators will offer you their assistance upon request. This means that, if you need assistance in boarding the bus, the driver will push your wheelchair along the ramp or provide you with stand-by assistance. Drivers will also ensure that your wheelchair or other mobility aid is properly secured or stowed prior to traveling.

Service Animals

Your service dog is welcome on TheRide buses. Please inform the driver as you board that you are traveling with a service animal. You are not required to provide any verification; however, drivers may inquire if your service animal provides assistance for you due to a disability. If you are traveling with a pet, then it must travel in a properly secured pet container and held on your lap.