Rider Tools

TheRide has many tools to make using the bus easier than ever. Whether you're using your desktop compluter, tablet or phone these tools allow you to track your bus or plan your trip.   More information

The updated Plan My Trip tool uses Google Transit, and will help you figure out which bus to take, when to board, and where all of the bus stops are along a route.

If you're new to riding buses or are you new to the greater Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area, you can also use the System Maps to decide which route(s) to use. Once you know which route(s) you want to use, you can view the individual Route Maps / Schedules  or use the Schedule by Route Tool for more detailed information.

Printed Maps & Schedules (Ride Guide)

Printed versions of all TheRide routes are included in a schedule book named the Ride Guide.  Ride Guides are available at the Blake Transit Center, Ypsilanti Transit Center, TheRide's Main Office on South Industrial Highway, onboard all TheRide buses, and at a variety of locations around the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.  Riders who are unable to obtain a Ride Guide at these locations can make a request to have a copy mailed to their address.