Before You Call  

Know your GoldRide ID number and the date(s) you want to travel

Know your appointment time, or time you want to be picked up

Know the name & address of where you are going to

Know the specific entrance you want to be picked up at

Know what assistance you may need, or mobility aids you use 

Know who will be traveling with you


Trip Times

The travel time of a GoldRide trip is comparable to the same trip if made by regular fixed route bus. Pickup times may also be negotiated within one hour before or after the requested time. The reservationist will give you a pickup time and the expected Be-Ready window your ride will arrive within.

Be-Ready window

Advance reserved trips arrive within a tentative 30 minute Be-Ready window from your scheduled pickup time. Please be ready to board your ride during this time. If your ride has not arrived within 30 minutes from your scheduled pickup time call for assistance.

For Same-Day trips and Will-Call Return trips, the Be-Ready window is 45 minutes from your pickup time.

Please be prepared to leave when your ride arrives. Riders who do not board  the vehicle when it arrives delay service for other passengers. In these cases the driver can only wait up to 5 minutes before moving on to their next trip

On-Board Travel Times

Travel times vary based on trip distance, traffic, time of day and weather conditions. The below table shows expected travel times. If you need to arrive by a specific time consider your Be-Ready window and travel time when planning your trip. If you’re unsure, tell us, the reservationist will attempt to give you a pickup time that will get you to your appointment on time.

Trip Miles Expected Travel Times
1-5 30-45 minutes
5-10 1 hour
10-15 1.5 hours
15-20 2 hours


Negotiated Trip Times

Occasionally, the exact time you wish to travel may not be available. In that case, the reservationist may offer you other choices that may be up to one hour earlier or one hour later than the time you wish to travel. If you need to arrive at your destination by a specific time, tell the reservationist. The reservationist will attempt to give you a pick-up time that will get you to your destination on time. It may also be necessary to change your trip time to accommodate other riders. In this case, you will be notified of your new pick-up time at least one day or more prior to your trip.

Multiple Trips

You may make multiple trips on the same day; however, you must allow at least one (1) hour between your trips’ pick-up times for travel time and the sharing of your trip with other customers. Also, similar to the regular, fixed-route bus system, once we drop you off, the driver cannot wait for you at your destination.