ERH Basics

  • A rider must use an ExpressRide Commuter Pass on a regular basis.
  • A rider must make their own arrangements for a taxicab or rental car (services or rentals from Metro Cars will NOT be reimbursed).
  • Reimbursements will be made for trips from the rider’s worksite to the ExpressRide Park-&-Ride lots at the Arctic Coliseum in Chelsea or the Meijer store in Canton (Canton Center Road and Ford Road), or other destinations within a two-mile radius of these locations.
  • Intermediate stops (e.g., day care or hospital) are permitted.
  • The service may be used up to six times per year, but no more than twice in one month.
  • Emergency Ride Home can be used for personal or family illness, unscheduled overtime, or other mandatory work-related holdover.
  • Emergency Ride Home cannot be used for half-days of work for non-emergency reasons or missed trip due to non-emergency reasons.

Request ERH

To use ERH, a reimbursement form (available here) must be completed and mailed in with an original copy of the taxicab/rental car receipt to:

Ann Area Arbor Transportation Authority
ATTN: Emergency Ride Home program
2700 S. Industrial Hwy.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104