The Basics

  • Minimum of (5) people per van to form a vanpool. Two people plus the driver are required during daily active service.
  • A driver and alternate driver are required
  • Riders are required to ride in the van at least 80% of the time.
  • 30-day written notice is required to discontinue ridership or primary/alternate driver roles (Discontinuing rider is not required to ride the last 30 days, but is still responsible for their associated membership fees).
  • 60-day grace period is given to a vanpool group to find a new rider when the van has fallen below the five-person minimum. The 60 days begins once a notice has been received of the vanpool going below the five-person-per-van minimum.

30-Day Notice

A driver/rider must give 30 days notice before leaving the vanpool program. The notice must be in writing. The driver/rider wishing to discontinue ridership should also inform the driver and other riders of the van of the rider’s intent to leave. The driver/rider is not required to ride for the final 30 days, but is responsible for the monthly fee.

Vehicle Weight Restrictions

The weight of the van is not to exceed the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). This weight is located on the side pillar of the driver’s door. If asked to add an additional rider and there is a question about the van exceeding gross vehicle weight, the vehicle must be weighed. This can be done at any truck stop, moving company, etc., with a certified scale. All members of the van need to be present and the van must have a full tank of fuel to obtain the true operating weight of the vehicle. The group may request an official signed or certified weigh slip with the address and phone number of the facility.

Pick-up/Drop-off Location(s) and Time(s)

During the mandatory vanpool formation meeting, the vanpool members must discuss and decide on the pick-up and drop-off locations and times. The program allows for multiple stops along the commute to pick up vanpool members and to drop off members at their workplaces. Once the locations and time decisions are made, any changes to the agreed-upon plan must be approved by the entire vanpool.

The only riders who may be picked up or dropped off are those registered members of the vanpool program. Other passengers are prohibited from riding in the vanpool.

Approved Drivers

Each vanpool has one primary driver and up to five alternate drivers. In order to qualify as a driver, an applicant must complete the Driver Application and Driver’s Responsibility forms and be approved. Only vRide, the private firm contracted by TheRide to provide the vans, can approve drivers, and only those with prior approval from vRide are permitted to drive the van.

The primary driver has extra monthly responsibilities. Therefore, the primary driver is exempt from paying the monthly vanpool fee and sharing in the fuel expenses, except for personal miles driven.

The primary driver is allowed 200 personal miles each month by vRide. He/she may choose to share those miles with other authorized drivers, but cannot exceed the monthly maximum. Alternative drivers using the van for personal use must report the mileage to the primary driver for disclosure on the monthly vanpool report. All personal miles must be recorded and are taxable, similar to earned income. Personal mileage is defined as anything outside of the van commute, having maintenance performed, and taking the van to the overnight parking location.

Becoming an Alternate Driver

Alternate drivers are responsible for all primary driver duties in the absence of the primary driver.

Alternate drivers are responsible for fuel and the monthly fee at all times.

Moving/Parking Violations

If the van driver is ticketed for a moving or parking violation, it is the responsibility of the driver, at the time of the incident, to pay for the violation.