One person volunteers to be the Primary Driver of the van. VanRide allows the driver to ride for free in exchange for taking the van for washes, scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, and providing reports. The driver may also use the vehicle for personal purposes after work and on weekends up to 200 miles per month.

Riders and vans are assessed a monthly fee, that are paid by the riders, employers, or both. Ask your employer if they offer a qualified transportation or vanpool benefit. Riders plan trips that accommodate pick-up and drop-off locations at a starting point or along the commuter’s route. Riders usually meet at a pickup location, such as a park & ride parking lot or a shopping center. The cost of gas is shared among those in the vanpool group. Participants decide the driving, routing, operating and gas cost sharing arrangements themselves.

A vanpool is not a small bus service or shuttle. A vanpool must be used for commuting to a place of work.

If you have an unexpected emergency, the Emergency Ride Home program can help you get where you need to go.