Riders let someone else do the driving and take a nap, read, catch up on work, or visit with others. Drivers ride free. The service is reliable, affordable and convenient.

VanRide is a great alternative to driving alone and offers many benefits ranging from financial savings to air quality benefits. By not driving alone each day you are able to save money on gas, maintenance, insurance and parking. Your car will last longer thanks to the reduced miles you put on it. Passengers often comment on the reduced stress and increased productivity that van pooling allows.

  • Reduce or eliminate parking expenses
  • Share gas expenses and reduce emissions
  • Share your commute with others
  • Drivers ride for free, riders relax
  • Low monthly fee
  • Lower maintenance and cost on your personal vehicle
  • Possible decrease in personal vehicle insurance cost

Dollars and Cents

The American Automobile Association (AAA) calculates that operating your own car costs approximately .59 cents/mile. If you drive your car to work alone five days per week, 40 miles one way, it will cost you approximately $944 per month. By contrast, vanpool fees are significantly less, maintenance is included, and the cost of gas is shared among participants.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) recently (2011) released figures that the average rideshare participant in southeast Michigan saves $3,000 annually.

The Commuter Choice Provision of the federal IRS tax code allows commuters to deduct up to $120.00/month, pre-tax, from your paycheck to pay for your vanpool costs. This translates into even more savings! Ask your employer about making deductions.